Day in the Life of Your Toddler

From morning until night, life in a toddler regime can be difficult.  My almost 3 year old is a monster right now, you guys.  A holy terror that is breaking toys, all my earthly possessions, and most notably, my spirit.  But it’s hard being 3.  Here’s a look at what life is like for the toddler who is running my insane asylum.

My room is dark.  I don’t like that.  Hey my pull-up is wet-I’ll just take that off.  Oops I think I pee peed in my big boy bed/jumping apparatus.  Better call my mommy to fix that.  I don’t know what “for the love of everything, it’s 3 A.M” means, but I’m sure glad I have a sleeve to finally wipe all that snot on.  No Mommy, don’t go.  I want a song.  No, not that song.  Hmmm maybe a story would be a better idea.  Where you going Mom?  Don’t worry I’ll scream cry for you again shortly.  Maybe I’ll let you settle down first and then call for you.  You seem to bolt out of bed faster that way.

Good Morning!  Yes, get these urine soaked pj’s off me already.  Ha ha try and catch me to put those clothes on!  Remember if you try and put me in jeans or a shirt with buttons you will be dead to me.  Thanks in advance for continuing to dress me like a homeless person.  I will scream for sweatpants that are neither too lose nor too tight, but those preferences will change daily.  Thanks for understanding. Continue reading “Day in the Life of Your Toddler”